Exxonmobil compares tsa applications

Flame sprayed coupon from unkown applicator (provided by Bob Kay/BRCP)

The substrate has insufficient profile for good adhesion. The first pass of flame spray aluminum formed a carbon deposit from the process and was made on top of the cooled, then the second pass deposit. This is a weak point in the coating.

Thermal Arc Sprayed coupon from standard thermal spray equipment (provided by Bob Kay/BRCP)

This application has through porosity, a weak bond at the interface. The arc has not achieved sufficient temperatures, so incomplete melting of the alloy has occurred.

Thermal sprayed TSA coupon from IMC (provided by Bob Webber/BTCP)

IMC TSA process has a better bond at the interface. The TSA has penetrated the anchor tooth profile for superior adhesion. The molten alloy splats have been deposited at such a rapid rate, proper angle, & high temp that 3-4 mils were accomplished at one pass.

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