Advantages of IMC’s patented metalizing technology

Worldwide leader for field applied large scale metalizing

  • Significant cost savings in maintenance, labor and materials
  • Resistant to wearing, chemicals, salt, oil, dirt, water and gases
  • Does not degrade when exposed to thermal cycling
  • Anodic protection of the underlying surface
  • Metalizing coating not affected by UV exposure
  • Less than 1% porosity
  • Adhesion strength much stronger than paint
  • Metalizing lasts up to 40 times longer than paint and other coatings
  • Productivity of up to 120 square meter per hour (other procedures up to 20x slower)
  • Surface roughness less than 0.05 mm
  • Pure metal sprayed
  • Can operate in extreme conditions from -30 to +70 degrees Celsius
  • Field portability
  • Capable of spraying any metal
  • Equipment mobile and not limited by shape or size
  • Materials that can metalized: metal, concrete, glass, plastic, fiberglass, wood, paper, cloth.
  • If a paint coating is required, it will adhere to the thermal spray without any surface preparation
  • Eco friendly: No volatile organic compounds
  • Capable of operating 300m from DC power source
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