Electric Arc Comparisons

IMC -Red Devil 888ThermionTAFAOSU
Field portabilityYesLimitedLimitedLimited
Capable of spraying any metal in wire formYesLimited by melting pt & hardness of alloyLimited by melting pt & hardness of alloyLimited by melting pt & hardness of alloy
Sealed, dust proof, waterproof solid state electronic controlsYesSealedSealedSealed
Self-lubricating, waterproof motorYesNoNoBrushless motor
Adjustable airflow for varied textures of applicationYesNoNoNo
Airflow controlled at gun by applicatorYesNoNoNo
Capable of operating 1,000 feet away from DC power sourceYesNoNoNo
Can form "instant" alloysYesYesYesYes
Can operate from High lifts and scaffoldingYesLimitedVery LimitedVery Limited
Deposition rates of 1,200 square feet per hour at 10 mils can be achievedYesNoNoNo
DC Power source separate from controls and wire feed unitYesYesOne modelNo
Meets OSHA requirements for confined space applicationsYesLimited by distance capabilityLimited by distance capabilityNo
Air is directly fed through gun headYesYesNoNo
Enclosed wire feed unitYesNoNoNo
Can operate in various positions and heightsYesLimited by distance capabilityNoNo
Oxide knurled wheels to eliminate slippage of wire at high velocityYes6 gear feed system, separatePush/pull wire system in gun headWire push system, separate
Can operate in extreme temperatures and conditions (-30F - 155F)YesLimitedLimitedLimited
Produces less than 1% porosityYesNoNoNo
Deposit efficiency of 90% or higher for ZincYes60%NoNo
Creates surface roughness less than 2 milsYesNoNoNo
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