Product Comparison

Adhesion Strength

While a metalized coating and paint both form a mechanical bond with a blast steel surface, typical adhesion strength for metalized coatings is much stronger than prime paints. Unlike paint, the adhesion strength does not degrade when exposed to thermal cycling.

Dry film properties

A metalized coating is harder and stronger than paint. Combined with the bond properties, this makes a metalized coating more resistant to impact, abrasion and wear than paint. A metalized coating is not affected by UV exposure.

Anodic Protection

A zinc or aluminum metalized coating anodically protects the underlying steel by sacrificial mechanisms. Protection is more effective and more efficient than zinc paint because the metalized coating is in direct contact with the steel without “interference” from the paint binder.

Chemical Resistance

Metalized coatings (particularly Aluminum) achieve some measure of resistance due to formation of a tightly adherent oxide layer. A topcoat may be applied to improve protection or provide desired appearance.

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