Red Devil 888 metalizing machine

100% Duty Cycle
  • Soft knee current limiting
  • SCR phase rectification allows user programmed voltage manipulation.
  • SCR snubber for clean rectified DC power devoid of high order harmonics.
  • High current linear supply capable of large current transients for flawless machine start up.
  • High feed rates 0.45 meters per second or higher dependent on gear ratio.
  • 1000 amps continuous @ 100% duty cycle. Larger currents possible through power supply slaving (2000, 3000, 4000, etc)
  • Superior line/load regulation.
  • Pulse width modulation /SCR phase control allows user flexibility over varying voltage conditions.
  • Variable start/stop speed control, variable current limiting, over/voltage short circuit protection, and remote control capabilities (wired/wireless).
  • Rugged and dependable, permanent magnet DC washdown motor meets NEMA specs.
  • Industrial waterproof process control interconnects and busses
  • Exclusive use of oxygen/phosphorous free virgin copper.
  • The ultra high molecular weight polyethylene utilized in building the machine reduces machine weight, while making it single operator friendly. Additional mechanical properties include the internal mechanisms to be dust resistant and non-conductive.
  • Parts are manufactured to withstand extreme temps and conditions.
  • For operation in field conditions from -30F to +155F
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